A look ahead - a short personal experience report.

By Anne am 02.08.2021

THE topic of the last year: the Corona Pandemic and its impact on our society as a whole and on individual fate. Especially artists have been hit long and hard by the lockdowns: Concert halls remained closed, hygiene concepts were developed, lawsuits were filed and dismissed. Often insecurity, frustration and financial strain grew. Online concerts were often an inadequate substitute for the live experience. What remains now is to look ahead. A short, personal experience report.

At the beginning, I didn't take it seriously when a colleague worried in my presence in February 2020 whether he should rather take the car instead of the train to protect himself from infection. I was in Salzburg at the time, had just started learning Bach's B minor Partita, and was firmly convinced that everything would have calmed down by Easter - at the latest. Sometimes you just get it so wrong.

Almost one and a half years later, several lockdowns and some basic restrictions later, I am fully vaccinated as part of the risk group II and start to reorient myself in terms of performing. The first time I stood in front of people on stage again was for my graduation in the Solitär of the Mozarteum Salzburg.

A so far unknown uncertainty crept over me in the days before this performance - would I be able to find my way around the stage? Would the audience distract me? I was no longer used to them! Many colleagues with whom I exchanged ideas during this time felt the same way. The "stage feeling" that one singer spoke of in this context is a unique one. It cannot be artificially created or trained online. Fortunately, familiarity and joy returned to me quite quickly on stage.
Being touched emotionally and personally are basic needs of all of us. Musical performances can give us these experiences. I am grateful to be able to reconnect with the audience from the stage after such a long time.

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